Coupling with plug

Technical description

Coupling series specially developed for connection coolant lines on injection moulds. 

Fully interchangeable with other brands with the same plug profiles. 

All dimensions and tolerances according to original specs. 



Back Body Brass
Valve Body Brass
Sleeve Brass (without Valve)

Sleeve Brass, Nickel Plated (with Valve)
Valve Brass

Locking Balls AISI 420

Spring AISI 301
Seal FKM


Plug Profile Brass
Back Body Brass
Valve Brass
Spring AISI 301
Seal FKM


Working Pressure

15 bar, maximum static working pressure with safety factor of 4 to 1.


Working Temperature

Water -15°C up to +140°C

Oil -15°C up to +180°C

£13.29 - £16.77 Available in stock
£15.95 - £20.13 Incl. VAT


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